Hundred and eight names of Lord Balarama

Hundred and eight names of Lord Balarama

Balarama Sata Nam

1. Balabhadra The
one who is supremely powerful and happy;

2. Ramabhadra and Rama The
supreme enjoyer;

3. Sankarshana The

4. Acyuta – The Infallible one;

5. Revatiramana
The lover of Revati;

6. Deva The
Splendid Supreme Absolute;

7. Kamapala
The Lord who fulfills desires;

8. Halayudha He
who carries a plowweapon;

9. Dhrtanatha
The master of patience and tolerance;

10. Pralambaghna The
killer of Pralamba;

11. Mahavira
A great hero;

12. Rauhineya The
son of Rohini;

13. Pratapavan Very

14. Talanka He
who bears the insignia of a palm tree;

15. Musali – He who holds a club;

16. Hali – He who holds a plough;

17. Hari – He who takes away all that is inauspicious;

18. Yaduvara
– He who is the best of the Yadus;

19. Bali – He who is powerful;

20. Sirapani
– He who holds a plow in His hand;

21. Padmapani
– He who has lotus hands;

22. Lagudi – He who holds a club;

23. Venuvadana
– He who plays the flute;

24. Kalindibhedana
He divided the Yamuna;

25. Vira He is heroic;

26. Bala and Prabala – Powerful;

27. Mahabhuja
The hero of mighty arms;

28. Vasudevaskala
A plenary expansion of Lord Krsna;

29. Ananta Limitless;

30. Sahasravadana
– He who has a thousand heads;

31. Varunimadamattanga
He is intoxicated by drinking varuni;

32. Vasu He is opulent;

33. Vasumatibharta
The goddess of fortune’s husband;

34. Vasudeva The
son of Vasudeva;

35. Vasuttama The
best of the Vasus;

36. Yaduttama The
best of the Yadavas;

37. Yadavendra The
king of the Yadavas;

38. Madhava The
goddess of fortune’s husband;

39. Vrsnivallabha
– He who is dear to the Vrsnis;

40. Dvarakesa He
is the king of Dvaraka;

41. Mathuresa The
king of Mathura;

42. Padmaksha His
eyes are lotus flowers

43. Padmamali
He wears a lotus garland;

44. Nupuri He
wears tinkling anklets;

45. Vanamali – He wears forest garland;

46. Kotikandarpalavanya
He is more handsome than millions of Kamadevas;

47. Sikhandi He
wears a peacock feather;

48. Kalipriya
He likes to fight;

49. Parameshvara – The Supreme Controller;

50. Paripurnatama He
is the perfect Supreme Personality of Godhead;

51. Saksatparama
The Supreme Personality of Godhead directly;

52. Purusottama The Supreme Person;

53. Sastrabhasyakara
The author of commentaries;

54. Yajnika The
performer of yajnas;

55. Shesha Lord

56. Bhagavan The
supremely opulent Lord;

57. Prakrteh para Beyond
the world of matter;

58. Jivatma He
is the father of all living entities;

59. Paramatma and antaratma The
Supersoul present in everyone’s heart;

60. Bhargavottama The
best of the Bhrgu dynasty;

61. Karunasindhu
An ocean of mercy;

62. Caturvyuha
The origin of the caturvyuha

63. Caturveda
The author of the four Vedas;

64. Saumitri He
is the son of Sumitra;

65. Catuspada
The master of the four worlds;

66. Pradhana He
is pradhana;

67. Kavaci A
warrior wearing armor;

68. Saksi – The witness;

69. Sanghata, sanghavan, and sakhi accompanied
by His associates;

70. Asurari He
is the enemy of the demons;

71. Buddhisakha
The best counselor;

72. Ceta He
is consciousness;

73. Vanecara The
Lord who wandered in the forest;

74. Avrta He
is accompanied by His associates;

75. Indriyesha He
is the master of the senses;

76. Munipriya
– He who is dear to the sages;

77. Gopati He
is the master of the surabhi cows;

78. Gopisatavrta – He is surrounded by hundred of gopis;

79. Goganasraya
The shelter of the cows;

80. Dhenukari The
enemy of Dhenuka;

81. Advitiya One
without a second;

82. Dvitiya Different
from the individual living entities;

83. Nirakara A
person whose form is not material;

84. Niranjana Not
touched by matter;

85. Virat He
is the entire universe;

86. Samrat The
supreme monarch;

87. Mahaugha A
great flood;

88. Dhara The
maintainer of all;

89. Pralambhari The
enemy of Pralambha;

90. Carisnuman – The one who goes everywhere;

91. Phanindra and Phaniraja

The king of the serpents;

92. Sahasraphanamandita
The serpent with a thousand hoods;

93. Phanisvara and Phani He
is the king of serpents;

94. Sphurti The Supreme Personality of Godhead who has appeared in the
material world;

95. Phutkari and Citkara A
hissing serpent;

96. Dugdhapana
A child who drinks milk;

97. Manihara  and manidhara


with a jewel necklace;

98. Vrndavanalatasrita
A boy who stays among the flowering vines of Vrndavana

99. Rasamandalamandana
The ornament of the rasadance

100. Mantravisarada
– An expert at giving counsel;

101. Sankhacakragadadhara
The holder of a conch, disc, and club;

102. Bhogitala He
has great hoods;

103. Sphuraddanta
– He has glittering fangs;

104. Mahatala He
resides on Mahatalaloka;

105. Revaticittaharta
He charmed Revati’s heart;

106. Sankhacudabha He
is splendid like a conchjewel;

107. Devadatta The benefactor of the demigods;

108. Dhananjaya The
winner of wealth.


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